As you can see, we've put a lot of time and work into Futureboy already! And we've been able to do as much as we have thanks to hundreds of amazing people who supported this project during the campaign phase.

There's still more to do. Sound mixing, for instance, will likely need to be outsourced. The film's not much good if no one can hear it. And once the film is all done, there are the festival entry fees. The film's not much good if no one can see it!

I've had some people reach out to me to see if they could still contribute (because you are all incredible). And while I'm grateful for any help we can get, I wouldn't want to take something for nothing! So for a contribution of $35 or more, you'll get a digital download of the final film (with sound and everything!), plus a digital copy of the screenplay - and our heartfelt thanks. For people in the NYC area, a contribution of $100 will get you not only a copy of the film, but an invitation a private premiere screening with the cast and crew!

Contributions go through my PayPal account, so all transactions are secure.

Thanks again to everyone for your wonderful support and generosity.


​Ryan Blackwell
writer / director